How to set up a local mining pool dev environment for Iron Fish and Fish Hash.

Step 1: Download custom network definitions to start your node using Fish Hash before the hardfork activation (download the file below):


(You can skip this step post hardfork activation)

Step 2:

Set your graffiti and pool name. These need to be the same value.

ironfish config:set blockGraffiti 'your_graffiti' ironfish config:set poolName 'your_graffiti'

Step 3: Start your node using the networkID for a local developer environment, using the above mentioned custom definitions

ironfish start --customNetwork /path/to/this/file --forceMining

Step 4: Start your local mining pool using your local node

ironfish miners:pools:start

You’ll see a message that your mining pool is now running on [localhost:9034](<http://localhost:9034>)

(Optional Step): If you want to just produce some blocks with a CPU miner (not connected to your pool) you can run ironfish miners:start